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Office Bearers:

1. Mr. K.A. Husain (Patron-in-chief)-Chairman, School Management Committee
2. Dr. A. K. Tomar The School Principal - 7398305947
3. Mrs. Geeta Saini (Teacher Coordinator)geetasaini16@gmail.com
4. Mrs. Manu Pandey (President) 1988 Batch- +91-9919109207; omkritiom5@gmail.com
5. Mr. Irfan Ahmad (Vice President) 1993 Batch- +91-9415459459; irfanahmad_hal@yahoo.co.in
6. Mrs. Seema Tiwari (General Secretary) 1988 Batch- +91-9415181974; seema.tkl@gmail.com 
7. Mr. Arun Kumar (Joint Secretary) 1997 Batch- + +91-9452294610; arunisarun@gmail.com
8. Mr. Vinay Dwivedi (Joint Secretary) 1993 Batch- + 91-9559889367; dwivedivijay01@gmail.com
9. Mrs. Reena Dwivedi (Cultural Activities Manager) 1991 Batch +91-9839316160
10. Mr. Vishwa Vijay Singh (Treasurer) 1994 Batch- +91-9415793634
11. Mr. Sunil Pandey (Member) 1989 Batch- +91-9454107557 
12. Mr. Vinay Misra (Member)  1993 Batch- +91-9792471000;  vinay.misra@rediffmail.com
13. Mr. Satyendra Singh (Member) 1994 Batch - 7379285472
14. Mr. Arvind Pathak (Member) 1995 Batch - 9450094790


‘The HAL School Alumni Association’ is a registered body of Alumni now. The Executive council meets twice a month to discuss the progress and prepare action plan for further strengthening the association. The HALSAA is networked with around 1600 ex-students and wish to increase this number by thousands. The Association is focused on increasing the membership and this network across batches and alumni’s presently in different spheres of life. So let’s take this pride to greater heights and get associated with our school as a member of ‘H.A.L. School Alumni Association’

You would be receiving communication from the association from time to time as we all are now partners in our journey. The Annual HALSAA meet is held on 25th Dec. every year from 2 pm to 5 pm at HAL School Campus Auditorium. The program would be attended by Ex-teachers, Present school staff and the alumni. So plan your calendar accordingly and spend the day with your childhood buddies and teachers. You are also requested to extend this information to all those you are still in touch with. 
With Regards, 

Executive Council 




HAL School, Faizabad Road,
Lucknow - 226201 (U.P.) [India]


+91-9999640351 (Mr. Brajendra Singh Chauhan)
+91-9919109207 (Ms. Manu Pandey)
+91-9415459459 (Mr. Irfan)

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